The Second Act

Slightly sweet with an unexpected finish. Bushmills Honey Whiskey, Honey Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Bitters & Fresh Black Pepper

The Manhattan

Our version of the famous cocktail.  Makers Mark Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth & a dash of bitters. Served up with a cherry.

End of the Night

Refreshing, memorable, and as always slightly bitter-sweet.  St. Germaine Elderberry liqueur, Tanqueray Gin, Aperol, Fresh Lemon Juice. Served on the Rocks.

The Penthouse

Full Flavored, crisp, and smooth. Hendricks Gin, Homemade Cucumber syrup, topped with Soda & Served up.

The Last Call

Our Espresso Martini. Simply put, Delicious. Layered Café Patron. Irish Cream, & a dash of Cacao Liqueur. Chilled & Served up.

Apple Cider a la Mode

This will warm you up in no time. Red Stag Whiskey & Cinnamon Vanilla Baileys warmed and served up.

The Big Bad Wolf

Careful, he’ll sneak up on you… William Wolf Pecan Bourbon, a splash of bitters & a splash of Cacao served up.

Iron Bar Punch

Our signature cocktail.

Fireball whiskey, and our secret ingredients.