All parties larger than 20 must place booking inquiry on 
Event Planning page and be made minimum 24 hours ahead of time

Platters - Group Menu

Wings (BBQ, sweet chili, hot buffalo, dry seasoned)$80 40 wings
BBQ rib tray$80 30 ribs
Grilled chicken sliders$50 20 sliders
Onion Rings$45 60 rings
Grilled Vegetable platter$45 15-20 people
Raw veggie platter $45 15-20 people

Hors De' oeuvres priced for 20 people

Aroncini (risotto parmesan fritter)40 piece $50
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Sliders 20 piece $60 Chili rilleno40 piece $45
Shrimp & bloody Mary shooters20 piece $65
Lobster bisque shooters20 piece $85
Fried mac & cheese with chirizo40 piece $60
Little chicken and waffles 20 piece $65
Mini lobster rolls20 piece $80
Pork belly sliders20 piece $60
Vegetable spring rolls40 piece $70
Shrimp ceviche cups20 piece $75
Vegetable crudite cups20 piece $55
Lamb lollipops20 piece $90
Small Sweets Chocolate mousse cups20 piece $70
Cheese cake with chianti caramel20 piece $70
Cookies and cream cups20 piece $70
Gelato available upon request20 piece $70